Skid Packages & General Fabrication

Skid Packages

Divine Engineerings integrates and delivers complete customized packages with highest performance, availability and reliability in compliance with International standards & regulations for complete customer satisfaction. Our Skid & Package Unit consists of expert engineers and technician specialized in design and construction / configuration of complete integrated systems by including pumps, valves and instrumentation components.

Our skid & package team is a multi disciplinary team specialized in different disciplines: mechanical, piping, process, electrical, instrumentation and structural with a wide experience in performing complex projects.

We are able to offer conceptual design from as little as P&ID and footprint information using the latest 3D modeling software. We commonly undertake detailed design of modules including pipe stress analysis, structural analysis, 3D modeling and development of the module layout in accordance with client's requirements, production of structural and isometric drawings.

We offer hook-up and electrical engineering services, if required and frequently undertake instrumentation and electrical installation using our team of experienced technicians. We can assemble using client free issue equipment or offer procurement services for valves, instruments, rotating equipment.

We design and fabricate structural frames, install vessels, piping, pumps, electrical and misc. equipment and also provide complete testing of your modular skid assembly requirements. All packages are supplied fully assembled and factory acceptance tested prior to dispatch.

Typical Skid Packages manufactured by us

Filtration & Metering Skid
Chemical Injection Systems
Pilot Plant
Water Treatment Systems
Instrument Air Skids

Structural & General Fabrication

Complementing our work on pressure vessels and pressure systems, the company is able to use its principal fabrication competencies to manufacture products for a variety of different uses.

Divine Engineerings manufactures a range of different structures including:

  • • Bases
  • • Skids
  • • Pedestals
  • • Handrails and ladders
  • • Structural steel frames
  • • Pipe supports

We are frequently commissioned to manufacture structures to supplement the pressure vessel contracts - examples include platforms, vessel skids, ladders and walkways, support assemblies, pipe work spools and other associated units. We are primarily a pressure vessel manufacturing company, but one which offers its customers a full fabrication package which starts with the pressure component and can extend to single sourcing the structural and supporting structures and their associated delivery services.

We specialize in all aspects of steel fabrication for the industrial and infrastructure sector and can provide the complete package, from design, structural calculations, fabrication drawings, site survey, manufacture and installations.