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We provide a comprehensive range of Quality Assurance and Quality Control services, from Vendor Inspection through to System Audits and Expediting.

Providing an integrated approach to QA/QC inspection, DIVINE draws on the expert knowledge and experience of our inspectors and management. We have significant experience and the capability to advise and protect our clients' interests with our service range supporting both the manufacturing process and supply chain management of our clients.

Our services help ensure: Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Adherence to Schedules and Reliability.

Our aim is to always exceed client expectations. We tailor our services to individual clients and take a proactive approach, investing in our people and resources to go beyond expectations. DIVINE is committed to delivering the highest quality of services ensuring safety, integrity and certainty across all our activities and those of our clients.

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DIVINE has a long and consolidated experience in multidisciplinary inspection services. Our services provide clien ts with the certainty they require, ensuring equipment and materials are safe, compliant and as per order specifications.

We have a strong team of Vendor and QA/QC Inspectors experienced across a range of disciplines including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation in addition to welding, coatings, valves and fabricated assemblies.

Inspection services at vendor workshops, stage-wise and final inspection of static and rotary equipment, inspection and witnessing performance test for proprietary items like pumps, blowers, motors and systems such as dryers, chilling plants, etc. Our team is highly qualified with expertise in inspection as per international codes such as BIS, BS, ASME, TEMA, DIN, API, JIS and NACE.

Services provided include:

Complete inspection services 
This kind of inspections generally includes a pre inspection meeting, regular intermediate inspections, final inspection, and review of vendor data books, to ensure conformity of the product throughout the whole fabrication and manufacturing processes.

Partial inspection services 
This kind of inspections typically includes a certain number of intermediate inspections, and final inspection. Services are performed on a sample or on a spot basis as defined by the customer.

Final inspection services 
This kind of inspections typically includes a minimum level of inspection at the end of the fabrication processes to ensure conformity of the product before the shipment.

Full-time inspection services (resident based assignments) 
A full-time inspection services is normally performed whenever a client requires an inspector to visit a certain manufacturer on a full time basis for a given period of time. The full-time inspection services allow our inspectors to monitor all the production process and verify all the inspection activities as defined by the customer.

Such inspections and verification activities entail assessing compliance with the following:

We have carried out inspections at the vendor locations in India for various engineering materials and equipment at different stages of production, individual testing, composite Factory Acceptance Test including pre-dispatch inspections. Our Inspection Engineers ensure that all requisite stages of inspection are attended to, including where required, laboratory tests are witnessed and associated documentation verified.

At DIVINE we offer desk and field expediting to all our clients' to ensure their projects meet agreed budgets, deadlines and suppliers deliver as scheduled. Utilizing project documentation including drawings, data, specifications and standards; we provide inspections coordination, planning and schedule monitoring. Our expeditors will monitor and review the manufacturing process ensuring schedules and quality plans are adhered to at each stage.

Our expeditors can be involved from preproduction meetings right through to completion, identifying potential project bottlenecks and offering solutions to ensure projects are delivered on time. We proactively review delivery schedules providing clients with regular progress reports as we continually monitor the supply chain. We offer expediting services to its clients who are desirous of monitoring the status of the delivery at specific stages of manufacturing.

The following activities are included as part of expediting:

Services provided include:

Desk Expediting 

This kind of service is generally performed on low criticality or non-strategic supplies. Desk expediting is best used to obtain general information like, submission of the required documentation, placement of sub orders, overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries; relevant to a certain supply. This kind of service is generally performed at specific milestones or according to a frequency established by the customers, or suggested by the expeditor. The success of the desk expediting service is maximized if performed in conjunction with field expediting visits.

Field Expediting

We provide a wide range of on-field expediting services to ensure its customers, that all stages of engineering, procurement, fabrication and delivery processes are timely performed by their manufacturers in compliance with a known, agreed and reliable production program. This kind of service is generally performed at main vendor or sub vendor 'premises; at specific milestones or according to a frequency established by the customers, or suggested by the field expeditors.

Full-Time Expediting

A full-time expediting service is normally performed whenever a client requires an expeditor to visit a certain vendor on a full time basis for a given period of time. The full-time expediting services allow our expeditors to monitor all the production processes and ensure that the expected delivery dates are met.

Project Coordination

The tasks of the Project coordinator is not just limited to scheduling the visits and submission of reports; our project coordinators are fully involved from the beginning of the assignment in establishing along with the customer the level of services required; instruct the provide personnel, provide them with all the information, documentation and instructions relevant to the assigned tasks, including established frequency of visits. Our Project coordinators have been trained in project management philosophy with a proactive attitude to problem solving.

Vendor inspection which is sometimes referred to as source inspection or third-party inspection, covers activities performed at manufacturers' works for all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation equipment purchased for the petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mining industries. Expediting is a continuous process, of ensuring that final delivery to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe.

Vendor inspection and expediting services are an integral part of a project's purchasing activities. Whether for new projects or ongoing maintenance, our services provide confidence that purchased equipment will arrive on time and to the correct specification.

We at DIVINE believe that inspectors and expeditors have different attitudes, peculiarities, skills and competences and therefore such services shall be provided by using different professionals / individuals. However, there are a certain number of more demanding assignments which require the usage of only one professional capable performing both tasks. DIVINE has selected a restricted pool of skilled engineers able to undertake these challenges and meet any client requirements / expectations. Integrated inspection and expediting services are available on request even at short notice.

All clients and/or projects are provided with a dedicated office based coordinator who is responsible for that project. We have developed a centralized management control system for vendor inspection and expedition of engineered material and equipment which optimizes administration efficiency.

By having a continuous inspection process at the vendor level, we ensure that there are no unnecessary delays due to poor workmanship or incorrect specifications. Our personnel not only effectively and thoroughly monitor the progress at the vendor; they also keep the client updated to ensure that the whole program stays on schedule.

Quality Management Consulting, ISO Consulting Services 

Divine has the hands-on experience and expertise to effectively coach your organization and to correctly interpret the quality standard for your particular application. We have worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of companies in manufacturing and services.

We work with only the most reputable registrars to ensure your certification has the proper national and international recognition for your industry. We also ensure your registrar "partner" is well suited to work with you to continually improve your quality management system and organizational effectiveness.

Savvy business leaders know how to employ outside expertise to their company's advantage. Divine is a full service, hands-on quality consulting firm specializing in the establishment, implementation and improvement of quality management systems, quality auditing and training. Our work provides the necessary information and useful insight to help you become a more profitable company through implementation of effective quality management principles that drive organizational health and effectiveness.

Quality Consulting Services Offered

ISO Quality Audit: Training & System Establishment
Divine will help you focus your ISO 9001 quality audits on "opportunity identification" rather than on "catching people".

An ISO quality audit is a management tool used to evaluate, confirm, or verify activities related to quality. ISO 9001 quality audits are the most common ISO standard for audits, but audits for all ISO standards can be done by us.

Benefits of an effective ISO 9001 Quality Audit System
Quality audits can be extremely beneficial - when done correctly. They help you "find and fix" problems during implementation. An ISO 9001 quality audit is one of the most effective tools in the ISO 9001 toolkit for ensuring a certain level of discipline in performance as well as driving long term continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Quality Audit Categories

Welding Consultancy

Divine has the technical ability to provide WPS Development to ASME, AWS, EN288, and API 1104. This saves valuable time and resources when you are able to develop the WPS, then qualify the PQR, and test your welders all under the same roof.

Welding Engineering and Consultancy scope are as follows :

Welding Procedure Specifications - WPS

Procedure Qualification Record - PQR

Welder Qualification

Product Certification Consultancy

Divine offers consultancy for Product Certification to meet requirements of National and International standards such as API Certification, EN - CE marking, ASME - UV Marking, NABL Certification, IBR, ISI and PESO.

We can assist organizations through our exclusive consultancy services which includes gap analysis, providing templates which are to be maintained as per requirements, providing manual and procedures, providing training for fulfilling requirements, assisting in finalizing certification agency and supporting till achievement of certificate.

Moreover, we have a team to liaison with the local approving bodies, support you on the ground and get you approvals.

One stop solution for all your Engineering needs!

Divine knows the importance and advantage to our customers on us being a one stop solution for all their engineering needs. And to meet this demand, we rely on our associates / affiliates for their expertise in their respective fields.

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LOTUS i Technology Solutions

LOTUS i Technology Solutions collaborates with leading manufacturers to provide high quality products our customers need to meet their desired end result. We are the leading suppliers of pipes, valves, fittings and specialty products used by industrial customers. Additionally, we also manufacture our own range of engineering products under ‘LOTUS i’ (Lotus Eye) brand. Our qualified, technical staff will review your unique product specifications and identify the most efficient solution for your needs. We offer more than just the products on our shelves; we supply products that help our customers meet their goals. If you don’t see what you're looking for, talk to us directly and allow us to tailor a solution specific to your product needs.


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Material: Carbon Steel / Stainless & Alloy Steel (Duplex / Nickel Alloy)

Jyoti Engineering Services

We are a contract machining and assembly facility with specialization in innovative steel component engineering & fabrication. We’ve been producing high-strength steel components for companies, right from critical aerospace machine parts to heavy machining with shaft diameter of 3 meter & length up to 10 meter. We can assist you on component prototype development through to complex assembly production runs.