Hydraulic System and Components

A Hydraulic system is one of the drive systems which are being used for the control of machinery and equipment. The other two commonly employed drive systems are based on pneumatics and electric power.

The complexity of a hydraulic system depends on its specific use, however all hydraulic systems have the same basic components. Reservoir Oil Tank, Hydraulic Pump, Power Source, Actuator, Valves, Filter and Piping.


Hydraulic Cylinder Actuators

Hydraulic Cylinders offered by us are available in different pressure ranges and enhance smooth operation during all heavy duty applications. These cylinders are widely used in aerospace industries, power plants, marine applications, steel & cement industries, huge machinery processing industries and many more.

The cylinder barrels are made from steel tubing and are precision honed; which complies with ASTM International specifications. Some of the features of our Hydraulic Cylinders are Robot-welded cylinders, Reputed / Imported Seals and variety of mounting style options.

We are not only trusted hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, but we also offer a number of services to customers. If your hydraulic equipment is not running efficiently, our team of specialised technicians can carry out testing and assessment of your equipment. We have decades of experience reconditioning hydraulic cylinders to restore them to near-new operation levels. We will provide you with all necessary testing documentation, including efficiency reports and conformity certificates.

Bore Diameter ½” ~ 16”
Stroke ANSI 150# ~ 1500#
Pressure Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Exotic MOC, etc.
Types Single Acting / Double Acting / Telescopuc / Tandem
Construction Heavy Duty Welded / Tie Rod / Roundline


We have an extensive variety of bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators, expertly designed and manufactured to improve efficiency in hydraulic systems. The significant role played by hydraulic accumulators includes reducing the amount of power required, creating an energy reservoir, and absorbing surges in pressure to help maintain constant pressure inside the system.

The main advantages of our accumulators are enhanced performance and efficiency of the entire hydraulic system, improved reliability and performance, and increased longevity of the system components. The choice of accumulator depends on your specific application and operational needs, such as the difference in pressure throughout the system and the frequency of pulsation.

Pressure Upto 500 Bar
Type Bladder / Piston / Diaphragm

Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack is widely used for various applications like rotation, lifting, actuation and clamping. We design these hydraulic power packs with high efficiency as a pre-requisite to meet all industrial needs and use quality hydraulic accessories like Pressure gauges, Gauge isolators, return line fillers, suction strainers etc. The unit is suitable for high working pressure and easy to install & maintain.

We design and manufacture standard or complete turnkey power unit and utilize quality components including tanks, pumps and electric motors. It also has a specially designed tank mounted manifold that incorporates the return filter, accumulators and valving.

Pressure 350 Bar
Capacity 60 Liter / min

Lube Oil System

Lube Oil Systems are designed to provide pressurized lubricating oil to various types of industrial rotating equipment. Typically, these lube oil systems include pumps, heat exchangers, filters, controls and instrumentation. Built under controlled conditions in our fabrication facility, systems are mounted on structural steel bases designed for easy and safe transport to the end-user's facility. This "modular" concept reduces start up time and costs in the field, and allows the end-user to take advantage of our OEM expertise and fixed costs.

The main functions of lube oil can be categorized into four main areas:

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fittings

We are specialist supplier of Stainless Steel pipe connection technology and our production includes Couplings, Compression Fittings, Valves, Pipes, Hoses and Hose end Fittings. The high quality products are mainly used in gas and fluid hydraulic applications.

Custom made products are developed in close co-operation with customers, and can be produced in small or large quantities. All items pass through a state of the art Quality Control centre, where they are carefully checked against technical drawings.

Hydraulic Component Spare Parts

We supply genuine spare parts and components of high quality hydraulic equipment manufacturers.