Equipment and Machinery Spare Parts

We supply Industrial Spare Parts or Components for all types of Equipment and Machinery for use in the cement, iron and steel industries. This includes, amongst others, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and automation parts and components.

For special manufacture, a drafting service is offered to prepare patterns and designs for parts and components and to arrange for non-original manufacture or fabrication. We also offer tailor-made service to fabricate and supply hard-to-get or obsolete parts and components.

We make Spare parts confirming to International standards which are manufactured by processes like - Weld fabrications, castings, Forgings with Application based surface / Thermal treatments and precision Machining processes. We do Economical replacements of OEM Spares and accessories as per international Standards and Project Based Heavy Fabrications laced with Machining of jobs up to 30 Tonnes weight.

SPARE PARTS for Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Industry:

We have long experience in supply of Spares and Equipments to reputed Steel and Aluminium plants in India and Middle East.

Spares and consumables offered by us are as below:

Pinch Roll units, Investment cast Water box components D2 , D3 Forming Rollers for Section Rolling and Pipe Rolling
Highspeed Mill - Housing covers, Pinions, Flingers & Eccentrics Pipe Manufacturing Forming Rollers in D2, Cardan Shafts
Rolling Mill spares and consumables - Rolls, Guide inserts & Nosepieces, Labyrinth Rings and Spacers, Spares for Loopers, Roll change cars, Shears and Wire Rod Mill spares General spares - Shafts, Bearing Housings Gears, Warms, Sprockets, Rack & Pinions, Chain and Sprockets, large and medium fabricated jobs
Flat Rolling Mill Spares - Chocks for Work Roll, BU Roll Spares for Aluminium Rolling and Extrusion industries

Spares for Section and Rebar Mills

Entry Roller Guides

Roller Entry Guides

Rolling Mills-Chocks

Labyrinth Rings and Spacers

Cardan Shaft

Guide Bushes

Gears, Worms, Rack, & Pinions, Chain and Sprockets

Forming Rollers for Section Pipe Rolling

Pipe Forming Rollers

SPARE PARTS for Cement Industry:

With precision machining using Conventional and CNC controlled machines, we are able to cater to Spares and Equipments to reputed Cement plants in India and Middle East.

Spares and consumables offered by us are as below:

Crusher, Stacker & Reclaimer Packing Plant
Raw Mill, Pre- Heater & Grate Cooler Refractory Accessories & Anchor Bolts
Conveyors and Feeders High Tensile Fasteners, Forged Foundation Bolts
Kiln Cement Mill General Spares
Reverse Engineering with Design Assistance

Stacker & Reclaimer


Forged Machined Spares

Forged Foundation Bolts

Pull Rod_Tie Rod

Bearing Housing

Roller Idlers

Raw Mill Spares

Impellers_Raw Mill

Guide Vanes

Pre-Heater and Grate Cooler Spares

Flap Box Assembly

Conveyor and Feeder Spares

Deep Pan Conveyor

Elevator Buckets

Paddle Conveyors

Kiln Spares

Bearing Retainer Rings

Kiln Guide Rollers

Lamella Leaf Plate Outlet - Inlet

Packing Plant Spares

Air Slides

Spray Nozzles

Refractory Accessories (SS 304 / 309 / 310 / 316)

Refractory Anchors

Fasteners (Custom Designed)

Custom Designed Forged Fasteners

General Spares

Forged Alloy Wheels

Forged Alloy Flanges_Rings

Forged Gears_Worms

Heavy Forged Shaft


Slide Gate Assembly